In the last two decades, the shiitake mushroom has became the second most popular mushroom all around the world. Now, it is widely grown in Asia, Europe, North America, Africa, and South America.

The demand for fresh shiitake and oyster mushrooms grew rapidly worldwide and in some countries increased over 30% annually. The high market demand and low start up cost have attracted many companies and individuals to get into the shiitake mushroom business. However, at the same time, there are many existing shiitake mushroom companies that have gotten out of the business because of a lack of newer growing techniques.

We at have been engaged in research in shiitake, oyster, and other specialty mushrooms, growing experiments, and teaching farms to grow mushrooms for almost thirty years. We also have work experience in commercial shiitake mushroom companies throughout Asia, Europe and North America.

In European countries and North America, the labor required costs over 70% of the total expenses of a mushroom farm. Using the automated machinery system will help shiitake mushroom businesses by reducing mushroom prices dramatically while getting more market shares.

We work together with several mushroom research institutes and machinery manufacturers to develop and experiment with newer cultivation techniques and more efficient and unique machinery equipment that will benefit shiitake mushroom growers all around the world.

Combining researching and growing experience, we are dedicated to helping companies and farmers set up commercial shiitake, oyster, and other specialty mushroom businesses around the world. Whether you want to produce a few thousand kilograms of mushroom per day or per month, we will help you design and build a suitable mushroom farm and provide you with all the cultivation techniques and necessary equipment. Our experience will ensure your business will succeed.

The services we provide include:

1. Consulting Service

We have mushroom research professionals and cultivation experts on duty that can help you with all of your specialty mushroom questions. Not only for existing mushroom companies, but also for potential shiitake mushroom growers.

2. Set Up

A: Planning, designing, and constructing new shiitake mushroom facilities. Operating and managing the shiitake mushroom business and providing all equipment and cultivation techniques.

B: Converting other businesses (poultry, horticultural farms, other crop farms) into a shiitake mushroom business. Adding a shiitake and oyster production line on existing champion mushroom companies.

C: Helping shiitake mushroom growers who use outdated techniques to use newer technology and an automated machinery system so they can compete with other growers in their region.

3. Training Program

Basic training class for beginners or an advanced training program with our affiliated research institutes for those who want to become a mushroom technician.